Work together

We know pensions inside out, so we’re the first to admit how boring and complicated they can be. Our passion is to decipher the impenetrable, replacing it with a simple and beautiful picture that everyone can understand.

We're great at:

  • producing clear and engaging content
  • bringing complicated member documentation to life
  • creating unique brands to improve audience awareness
  • working with legal teams to ensure full regulatory compliance
  • developing user friendly websites that really hit home
  • analysing engagement statistics to understand your audience
  • using data creatively to communicate at an individual level
  • harnessing the power of film and animation to deliver your messages

We have used these skills across a range of projects, including:

  • effective implementation of auto-enrolment
  • maximising take-up of member incentive exercises
  • completely revamping scheme documentation
  • integrating pension schemes into existing company brands
  • helping employees through major changes
  • running education workshops

Here are just a few examples of the exercises we have worked on:

  • a series of member updates on the new pension flexibilities
  • website and literature for pensions increase exchange
  • member pack for an enhanced transfer value exercise
  • multimedia communications for a scheme closure consultation
  • converting member booklets and employee seminars into online videos
  • bespoke benefit statements for several thousand members

All communications projects are unique so don’t worry if you can’t see an example above that reflects your requirements. We’re always available to sit down and discuss your needs and how we can create a tailored solution for you. Just get in touch and we can arrange a convenient time to talk.

What sets SHARPEN apart?

We’re very familiar and comfortable with working in a trustee and adviser environment, which sets us apart from most other communications agencies. There is a limited crossover between the pensions and creative industries; by combining our range of skills and experience, we are perfectly placed to bridge that gap.  

We have excellent relationships with local printers, animators, illustrators, web developers, film crew and fulfilment specialists. So if we can’t do it ourselves we can source and manage someone else that can; delivering within budget and up to the high standards that you would expect. As our client, you will receive a joined up service billed as a single communications adviser.

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